Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reading List 3-24-13

A weekly reading list, hooray!  I think I'm on a roll...

From Adam Pertman at Adoption Nation, My Family Is Not a 'Second-Best Option'

Here's something I think every adoptive parent should read, sooner rather than later:  Hey mom, they don't see your little girl, they see an Asian woman... from Lost Daughters.

A great post at Sprout's Bookshelf, Of Missed Opportunities in children's picture books.

An excellent question from The Ways of a River - Is the Harlem Shake Racist? And then she sort of answers her own question - Maybe it is, Maybe it isn't .   And here's another response from Melissa Harris-Perry - 'Harlem Shake' craze needs historical, cultural context.
From Ta-Nehisi Coates at the Atlantic, Good People, Racist People.



Lauren (Don't Lick the Trash Can) said...

Love that you are blogging again!!!

three little birds said...

hooray! and thanks!

Ingrid said...

I second the hooray!