Friday, March 8, 2013

Cheaper than Therapy

Things I have done in the past year that were cheaper, and arguably more effective, than therapy:

  • Got a sassy new haircut
  • Started a walking club with other parents from Elfe's school
  • Cleaned my kitchen
  • Started doing yoga in the morning
 I gave therapy a shot last year, I really did...maybe I didn't stick with it long enough, or maybe I didn't find the right therapist, or the right kind of therapy...but for whatever reason, it just didn't seem to help.   I cried a lot during the sessions, which sometimes had a short-term positive effect in a cathartic sort of way but mostly just made me frustrated.  I'm an action-oriented kind of person, and I kept waiting for the therapist to give me a list of things to do that might help me feel better, but the list never came...and then I lost my job and my health insurance and stopped going to therapy.

So I tried a few other things, and they did kind of help...but my hair is getting a little long and shaggy again, the walking club went on hiatus for the winter, my kitchen is still pretty clean but the rest of the house is an utter disaster, and my morning yoga lasts for at most 10 minutes. 

Eventually I'll get another job with benefits and maybe look into a new therapist, but in the meantime I think I'm going to schedule another haircut, start a coffee-drinking club with some other moms until the weather is good enough for walking again, make an attempt to clean the rest of my house, and find some ways to get a little more exercise.

All cheaper than therapy (except maybe the haircut), and arguably more effective.


2plus2mom said...

And your blogging again. That's therapy for me!

Sha Zam- said...

Ditto 2plus. And yes- sassy!

Barb Aloot said...

I love my walking group, very therapeutic. Best ever non-therapy... boxing class. Appropriate hitting of inanimate objects for a matter of weeks did more for me than months of counselling.

farfromharmfarm said...

glad to see your posts popping up! have you noticed i'm knitting like crazy? that's a big doze of therapy for me. we have to find our own ways of dealing. hope you are good:)

Alison Boynton Noyce said...

I love that you are blogging again!