Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Reading 11-12-11

I've got some banana bread cooking in the bread machine, milk heating up in the crockpot to become yogurt, and the first of at least two loads of laundry in the now it's time for a reading list!

From Ethica - Tennessee woman who sent boy back to Russia sued for child support.

From I Will Pull this Blog Over - Ethiopia, Infanticide, and Agendas.

From My Fascinating Life - The Periscope and the Dam: A Map of Adoption Ethics According to Me (Part Two).

Barbaloot at Zelalaland says Hooray for Hyphens and Karen says Not Much to Hyphenate.

At Resist Racism - Dear adoptive parent and Dear white adoptive parents.

Jane Kurtz asks Are you a philanthropist?

At the Declassified Adoptee, a guest post on What I Like About Being the Adoptive Parent of an Ethiopian Child (it's satire, but I have to say that some of them actually hit a little close to home...some food for thought...)

That's it for this week, hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


Heather said...

Great list, thanks!

Shrijnana said...

That was weird! I wonder when Google decided to change my name to Heather? Just when I think I've figured out this technology...

Shrijnana here, wondering what just happened.